Mission achieved: people think Masto is a cat pic sharing site! :blobcatsurprised:


I object strongly to the idea that this is merely a cat pic sharing site - Masto is for sharing all the other flufflybeasts as well! :)

@wakest @renatolond If I was a mouse I don't think I'd want to come across a quoll - this is a baby, the adults are the size of a small cat :)

(And still adorable)

@wakest @renatolond No, sadly not - I've never even been on the right continent for them, they're found in Tasmania and small parts of mainland Australia and I'm very much a European. I just have a bit of an an interest in obscure wildlife :)

@JubalBarca @renatolond That is an unusual critter. Never saw a black mouse with white spots before.

@BertL @renatolond They're marsupials, and fairly rare ones; this species is almost wholly confined to Tasmania, though they've recently been reintroduced to the mainland.

@JubalBarca @renatolond I just thought those spots are dappled light and shadow。It's so beautiful.

@renatolond Don't tell them that all the cats are really people dressed up in fur suits.

That is so reducing... I mean, it also is a bread sharing plateforme

@renatolond How are you adding descriptions to your pics? "A screenshot of a tweet..."(!)

@michaelfromuk If you are in the web (or using the web client from your phone), after you add a picture, there's a space under the image to add the description, like so:

@renatolond Thanks! First day on. I uploaded photo earlier and was looking, but didn't think to hover over pic. Cool :)

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