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Pra compartilhar com os amigos e pra tirar as próprias dúvidas, lê só!
Mastodon: como navegar nessa nova rede social

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(pt 2)

I watch a considerable amount of tv shows, I like video games (though I don't play that often anymore) and I try to read books as often as possible.

I'm really interested in urban mobility in general and I'm always riding my bike when possible.

I speak english, portuguese and french, though this last one is still a WIP and it's sometimes hard for me to organize my thoughts in it.

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Well, I've had made an in before, but I want this pinned, so:

My name is Renato, but I prefer to be called by Lond. It's a nickname born out of IRC.

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, but I've been living in Brussels for a year and a half now.

I'm a software developer, I have some tattoos, one piercing, some earrings and my hair has been assuming very different colors for the last 3 years-ish.

🎶 Sinta o clima da batida
E deixa o corpo derreter
Sinto o clima da batida
E vou dançando com você 🎶

🎵 Ziquizira
🎤 Heavy Baile (feat. BaianaSystem)

RT Announcing Ruby Me, an apprenticeship program from Ruby Together. Mentors and early-career developers get *paid* to work on open source Ruby projects. Details and signup forms for apprentices and mentors here:


It's Bi Visibility Day!

:flag_bisexual: Spoil your friends who are attracted to more than one gender
:flag_bisexual: Challenge biphobia wherever you find it
:flag_bisexual: Be careful how you're using words like "straight" and "gay"; I promise you my marriage isn't straight even if it involves two people of different genders
:flag_bisexual: Show love and support to those of us for whom visibility isn't always possible, safe, or unconditional

Have a good day, whether you're bi or not :heart_bi:

@nevergrowup @NinaMontale @kauaolopes @ei_wilo Sintam-se em casa :) se precisarem de alguma coisa é só falar!

Num esqueçam de dar uma olhada nas regras

E se tiverem chegando aqui agora, tem umas dicas em

RT Web: We noticed you're using an Ad blocker

Me: I noticed you're using 32 tracking services.


Even though the article is based on the US, I've been overweight for most of my life and I heard a lot of that crap from doctors in Brazil, saying everything was caused by me being overweight.
Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong via

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