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(pt 2)

I watch a considerable amount of tv shows, I like video games (though I don't play that often anymore) and I try to read books as often as possible.

I'm really interested in urban mobility in general and I'm always riding my bike when possible.

I speak english, portuguese and french, though this last one is still a WIP and it's sometimes hard for me to organize my thoughts in it.

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Well, I've had made an in before, but I want this pinned, so:

My name is Renato, but I prefer to be called by Lond. It's a nickname born out of IRC.

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, but I've been living in Brussels for a year and a half now.

I'm a software developer, I have some tattoos, one piercing, some earrings and my hair has been assuming very different colors for the last 3 years-ish.

for real tho, if you ever need any content warnings for a movie, check out

it doesn't just warn for animal death anymore. a ways back it started adding more and more content warnings.

it's gotten to warning for specific kinds of deaths, specific kinds of trauma and abuse, hatecrimes, specific mutilations, addictions, etc.

it's really really helpful for people with any kinds of triggers for stuff like that.

since the last time i posted i have adopted a kitten. his name is guppy and he likes to yell.

Can anyone pls reply here with names of queer/PoC/kink friendly/sex-positive instances on Mastodon? Specifically with good lewd warnings and femme friendly :Casper_Bi: :QueerCat_Bi: :blob_bi_kiss:

"Lan莽ado o Pride Bank: primeiro banco digital LGBT do mundo. E 茅 brasileiro."

As defini莽玫es de pink money foram atualizadas com sucesso.

E eu que tava trabalhando e do nada come莽ou a vibrar meu celular com um milh茫o de gente entrando no mastodonte? Desde uma das invas玫es da galera do kpop que num tinha tanta gente de uma vez s贸 :goose_honk:

Algu茅m do RJ pode me indicar uma boa padaria?!
Uma de verdade!!
N茫o aguento mais comprar comidinhas de padaria que nitidamente s贸 foram montadas. Ingredientes s茫o pr茅 prontos.

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A @wsj bombshell: Google is collecting and analyzing health records from tens of millions of Americans in 21 states through an agreement with the country's second-largest healthcare system, the story says. Patients and doctors haven't been informed.


Pergunta sincera pra quem j谩 veio em alguma parada de orgulho "LGBT" de S茫o Paulo: voc锚s perceberam que a parada tinha um tema?

Something to the Daily sketch challenge here at masto. This looks like something here and I want art friends :) About the sketch, it's a long time I don't draw people faces. Any feedback will be welcome

Algu茅m conhece uma coisa alternativa ao GoDaddy para compra de dom铆nio? Que seja mais meu-bolso-friendly. :mallandro:

Since the sun already decided to hide in this part of the world, we bought some vitamin d supplement last weekend. It has curcuma and it's quite orange and somehow it tastes like what I think the color orange would taste :blobglare:

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Hoje mais cedo, publiquei uma mat茅ria no @manualusuariobr explicando o que 茅, quais as diferen莽as e como funciona o Mastodon e a inst芒ncia brasileira, a Mastodon(te). D锚 uma lida l谩 (/cc @bracht):


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O 茅 uma inst芒ncia moderada com um foco em usu谩rios do Brasil, mas usu谩rios de outros lugares (e outras l铆nguas) s茫o bem vindos. Discursos de 贸dio s茫o proibidos. Usu谩rios que n茫o respeitem as regras ser茫o silenciados ou suspensos, dependendo da severidade da viola莽茫o.