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Pra compartilhar com os amigos e pra tirar as pr贸prias d煤vidas, l锚 s贸!
Mastodon: como navegar nessa nova rede social

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(pt 2)

I watch a considerable amount of tv shows, I like video games (though I don't play that often anymore) and I try to read books as often as possible.

I'm really interested in urban mobility in general and I'm always riding my bike when possible.

I speak english, portuguese and french, though this last one is still a WIP and it's sometimes hard for me to organize my thoughts in it.

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Well, I've had made an in before, but I want this pinned, so:

My name is Renato, but I prefer to be called by Lond. It's a nickname born out of IRC.

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, but I've been living in Brussels for a year and a half now.

I'm a software developer, I have some tattoos, one piercing, some earrings and my hair has been assuming very different colors for the last 3 years-ish.

ferramenta (online/offline) para gerenciar tempo gasto com tarefas. Voltei de f茅rias e t谩 uma loucura com as minhas novas atribui莽玫es.

I wrote a small incident report about the #bot attack that happened earlier. :mastodon:

I hope it might help other instances and be useful to us next time this happens. I also think it's important to communicate with you about the issues affecting us. :breathe:

Thanks again to @Gargron and @CM_noelle for there help !


#mastodon #modnews

It is okay to CW about obvious and reasonable issues that may cause a lot of people discomfort. But it's also okay to say that people should also use the filter tool to remove phrases that they can't handle.

like, if you are made uncomfortable by petunias, that's okay! but, chances are you are probably not going to get the whole fediverse to cw petunias for you. It's okay to just mute the word for yourself and move on. It's not a perfect solution, but sometimes this kind of safety is up to you.

Upcoming feature alert!

Add audio uploads

In the wake of the Tumblr exodus, Gargron is adding audio to Mastodon!

In the same way that we can upload videos and photos to Mastodon, we'll soon be able to record an audio file and upload it for followers.

If you're excited for this, click through to the URL above and add your 馃憤!

#mastodon #meta #github

@renatolond mandei uma sugest茫o pro pra ele fazerem o sticker do mastodon ( ), eu queria pedir pra se poss铆vel voc锚 compartilhar com a galera BR maravilhosa ai e quem sabe a galera ajudar a ter volume de compra pra fazer esse sticker lind茫o. Valeu!

#TheFediverse is the name for a group of federated sites that use the #ActivityPub technical standard to talk to each other (including #Mastodon, #Pleroma, #PeerTube, #FunkWhale, #WriteFreely and many others).

#TheFederation means sites that use the Diaspora standard to talk to each other (most notably #Diaspora itself).

Some sites belong to both, and the definitions have shifted over time as new standards have been adopted. As the phrase goes, your mileage may vary.


Hello everyone !

We are Friday, and i would like to diversify my culture .

So today, I am searching new music!
It could be your favourite music, your last discovery, whatever !

So help me discover things and thanks in advance !

(Boost appreciated =3 )

t么 pensando em dar livros de presente pros primos e primas mais jovens no natal, voc锚s me recomendam alguns? (eles/elas t锚m 3, 6, 8, 10 e 13 anos, ent茫o vale tudo infantil ou infanto-juvenil)

If you have a problem with another user, please report them and explain the problem instead of encouraging other users to dogpile them. This isn't Tumblr or Twitter; there are actual moderators here who will try to handle disputes.

My mom got a #kitten and she is so cute ; u; her ears are very orange it's precious ok

#cats #mastacats

can we cancel time? it promotes an unhealthy, capitalistic lifestyle.

RT if you have the skills to land a job at Facebook, you definitely have the skills to land a job somewhere else with better ethics


#Job #Jobs #JeRecrute #JeChercheUnJob

Nous allons ouvrir de nouveau postes dans ma boite prochainement.

Je suis tr猫s int茅ress茅 par un retour sur les postes propos茅s, n'h茅sitez pas 脿 me pouet pour en discuter ;)

**Postes : **
- Lead Data Scientist
- Dev Front-End Angular 6+
- Ing茅nieur en Intelligence Artificielle

plus d'infos

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O 茅 uma inst芒ncia moderada com um foco em usu谩rios do Brasil, mas usu谩rios de outros lugares (e outras l铆nguas) s茫o bem vindos. Discursos de 贸dio s茫o proibidos. Usu谩rios que n茫o respeitem as regras ser茫o silenciados ou suspensos, dependendo da severidade da viola莽茫o.