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Pra compartilhar com os amigos e pra tirar as pr贸prias d煤vidas, l锚 s贸!
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(pt 2)

I watch a considerable amount of tv shows, I like video games (though I don't play that often anymore) and I try to read books as often as possible.

I'm really interested in urban mobility in general and I'm always riding my bike when possible.

I speak english, portuguese and french, though this last one is still a WIP and it's sometimes hard for me to organize my thoughts in it.

Toot fixado

Well, I've had made an in before, but I want this pinned, so:

My name is Renato, but I prefer to be called by Lond. It's a nickname born out of IRC.

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, but I've been living in Brussels for a year and a half now.

I'm a software developer, I have some tattoos, one piercing, some earrings and my hair has been assuming very different colors for the last 3 years-ish.

Today is not just about bunnies and eggs. It represents something greater.

Yes, that's right, the anniversary of the Game Boy. Thirty years ago today, Japanese customers got their hands on the monochrome handheld.

Vi essa parada no mercado ontem e s贸 consegui pensar que usar caipiroska nesse contexto devia ser proibido 馃う馃徑鈥嶁檪锔

I bike to work everyday in a city with a lot of ups and downs.

I was using my foldable (which I got when I was working on another city, to be able to take it in the train), because I want to change some parts of my fixed gear, but this week the foldable breaks started to get kinda meh, so I came with the fixed today.

I always get impressed by how comfortable this bike is, like it was a bit harder for the main climb of the way, because single gear, but still.

We just watched One Cut of the Dead, and it's one of those movies that the less you know before watching it the better, but it's great! If you have a chance to watch it, even if you're not in the genre, do it! :110:

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Algu茅m sabe um lugar que possa consertar um Xbox 360 com 3 red lights no RJ?

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O 茅 uma inst芒ncia moderada com um foco em usu谩rios do Brasil, mas usu谩rios de outros lugares (e outras l铆nguas) s茫o bem vindos. Discursos de 贸dio s茫o proibidos. Usu谩rios que n茫o respeitem as regras ser茫o silenciados ou suspensos, dependendo da severidade da viola莽茫o.