the Fediverse grew from 200,000 to over 3.5 million accounts[...]. Rather than thwarting the network, defederation, self-governing communities, and the rejection of universality allowed the Fediverse to accommodate even more communities. The presence of different servers representing very distinct communities that each have their local culture and agency over their own slice of the network, without being isolated from the larger whole, is one of the more interesting aspects of the Fediverse

However, almost one million of the total number of accounts are the result of the alt-right platform Gab switching to the Fediverse protocols, which shows that the network is still open to capture or domination by a single large party. At the same time, this development immediately triggered a variety of efforts to strengthen the possibilities for servers to deal with this risk of domination.

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For example, the possibility for some server implementations to federate based on white lists, which allows servers to interconnect on an opt-in rather than opt-out basis. Another proposed response is to extend ActivityPub[...] with stronger authorization methods based on an object-capability model of computer security, allowing parties to retroactively withdraw consent from other parties to see or use their data.

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What **is unique** about the Fediverse is this both **technical and cultural acknowledgement that openness has its limits**, and is itself open to wide-ranging interpretations dependent on context, which are not fixed in time. This is a fundamentally new point of departure for reimagining social media today.


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