Toot fixado

E o Brincante do forró, está na boca da galera
E o Bentinho dos teclados, está com a moçada do chapéu
E o pancadão do teclado, está com toda patricinha
E o pancadão do teclado, está com o playboy do boné

Playboy do boné, que gira o boné
Que gira o boné, o boné na cabeça
Playboy do boné, que dobra o boné
Que dobra o boné, o boné nos zói

Toot fixado

Lista de perfis no fede verso que também sou eu

Pleroma (para textos longos):






(P.S.: eu também tô no Diaspora como, mas infelizmente o Diaspora não conversa diretamente conosco)

So weird that using a laptop as a "thin" client is so much more battery- and RAM-intensive than simply installing native applications and running them locally. It's almost like abusing a technology that was never intended for this purpose is a bad idea.

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And how to white 'progressives' respond to a comment about the obvious white nationalist leanings of the biggest video platform on the planet?

They laugh.

And we wonder why Black and Brown people keep getting mowed down by bigots.


#omg this is so cool!
#osmand has freakin public Transport support built in now!

And a nice New graph for other navigation.

I even thought firstly its also offline but at least for me right now it ist..

I wished for so long to have a floss all in one navigation solutions. And now its finally here..

Now the only thing that is missing is better faster and failure tolerant search and then we never need google anymore!

(And if course having this as web service would be superhelpfull as well for computers 😀 )

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Acho que Canceriana Pequena não faria tanto sucesso

E eu que sonhei que alguém me chamava pra uma festa e quando eu chegava lá era reunião de hinode.


For my wonderful friend Larry aka @tecumsehii and for all lovers of trumpet !…

Chet Baker kissing Carol Jackson [+]

1 Salsamba 5:46
2 Balsa 6:42
3 Forget Full 8:07
4 Inaïa 7:39
5 Seila 5:43
6 Balao 4:51
7 Julinho 4:20
8 Novos Tempos

Accordion – Richard Galliano
Bass Guitar – Michel Peyratoux
Drums, Percussion – Josè Boto
Trumpet – Chet Baker
Piano [Acoustic Fender] – Rique Pantoja
Producer – Yves Chamberland
Remix – René Ameline
Engineer – Philippe Omnès, William Flageolet
Written-By – Rique Pantoja Leite** (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 7)

Recorded at Studios Davout - Paris. on July 21-22nd and 23 1980.

#ChetBaker #trumpet #RichardGalliano #BôtoBrazilianQuartet #1980 #jazz #music…


"Spiritually Finnish"
Pop quiz: What do Aspies, Klingons, and Finns have in common?

Well, for starters, it seems none of us have much use for empty small-talk. (As Trek canon has it, a literal translation of the most common Klingon greeting is "What do you want?") And we're not the only ones; among many native American tribal pow-wows, it was reportedly the custom to gather around a fire and pass the pipe around in silence until someone in the circle thought he had something worth saying aloud.

This is a contrast with the many cultures that seem to have mastered and perfected the art of talking at great length without ever actually saying anything of substance. "How about that local sports team? Hey, the weather outside is really weathery today, isn't it?" Silence is seen as a bad thing to be filled with blather, but the gods forbid we should reveal anything substantive about ourselves. And if you don't have a response, you're perceived as rude.

If you're only saying something to fill the silence, maybe it wasn't worth saying in the first place. Perhaps we should all ask ourselves more often whether what we're about to say is actually worth interrupting someone else's thoughts with.…

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