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y'all I think this might be a security vulnerability on the 3DS

DSP_PDATA/PADR + setting the transfer dest. to the ARM bus (7, this is the undocumented option I discovered) in DS_PCFG + setting AHBM 0x0E2/4/6 on the DSP side (through that same DMA port) basically gives you writes to arbitrary physical addresses, at least on the DSi. on the 3DS this is allegedly restricted to FCRAM and AXI WRAM, not unlike gspwn. as it's done purely through ports on the ARM side, you don't need to be able to upload custom DSP code

would anyone with a 3DS and knows how to code for it be willing to give this a try?

#homebrew #3ds for visibility ig

moderators are not cops.

we can't be everywhere, monitoring every single post, thread, and dm.

good moderation relies on good reporting.

report early, report often.

strong community is everyone's responsibility.

I haven't been biking too much in the last few months for the regular reasons, but today I did all my chores by bike, which I didn't track, but probably amounts to about 18km with ups and downs and stuff.
I'm now aware of most muscles in my body :blobsweats:


I used cinnamon by the way, it turned out very good 😋

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Bought some meat yesterday, have some leftover veggies, I'll do a stew and see how it turns out.
Onion, garlics, tomatoes, bell pepper, cabbage. Probably rice to go with. I'm mostly wondering if I should use cinnamon or not for the meat 🤔

Oi! Eu sou o embaixador do!

O @renatolond cura manualmente essa conta compartilhando toots populares do!

Como a conta é manual, às vezes eu fico um tempo sem compartilhar nada. Mas eu volto, prometo!

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this is an incredible thread but the TL;DR of it is: a digital pregnancy test is an analog pregnancy test with some circuitry wrapped around it to read the lines on it


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pessoas bi em relacionamento hétero ainda são bi

pessoas bi em relacionamento homo ainda são bi

pessoas bi solteiras ainda são bi


Meta, comments 

Apparently I lost some wild meta yesterday about GDPR? And I was online and all. Damn :blobpopcorn:

O celular sem nenhum brilho ainda tem muita luz ! (Provérbio millenial)

Tô numa semana especialmente cartola. Depois de ver o documentário findi passado tô mei que ouvindo o Tempos Idos em repeat 👀

Eric Cantoná dando voadora em fascista passando na sua timeline. Dê boost para que mais jogadores dêem voadoras em fascistas

another instance block - “the pro-liberty social network”. Check out the Terms of Service for a variety of feverish right-wing fantasies, if that’s your idea of a good time.

block recommendation 

If you haven’t already, you should block The admin just sent harassing messages to people in my mentions, as well as using the n-word and browsing the instance’s public timeline I saw un-CWed lewd pictures and swastika emoji.


Ask your admin to block it for you.

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I didn’t think I’d need to say this but it’s not photos on your personal blog causing global warming.

How about we tackle the wholesale corporate destruction of the environment/our habitat before we target your holiday snaps?

(And if we’re talking bandwidth: see surveillance.)


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O é uma instância moderada com um foco em usuários do Brasil, mas usuários de outros lugares (e outras línguas) são bem vindos. Discursos de ódio são proibidos. Usuários que não respeitem as regras serão silenciados ou suspensos, dependendo da severidade da violação.