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amigos tooters desse BRAZIL: vocês conhecem ou fazem parte de algum grupo legal de pessoas que se comunica via matrix/telegram/discord/xmpp com frequência?

não to falando de um grupo em q vc vai de vez em quando e tem duas mensagens, mas um grupo de gente conversando e interagindo e compartilhando a vida e as coisas.

sinto falta disso em português. parece que os brasileiros estão todos ocupadíssimos gritando no vazio.


Se eu aceitar o mes gratuito de family e depois cancelar... param de tocar propaganda?

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Fico vendo como vota o partido novo e imagino essa gente chamando bandeirante de empreendedor, quilombola de arruaceiro, indígena de primitivo, abolição da escravidão de ingerência indevida do estado na propriedade privada e nas relações de trabalho. Essa turma é velha pacas.


Wanted: POC consultants for sci-fi story :boost_ok:​ 

I'm currently working on a sci-fi story set in the far future, and it's my goal to create a world that does not feel white US/Euro-centric. I'd like to pay a few folks for some input as consultants. Mostly, describing how they see their culture developing in the future scenario I describe and being available for future questions. Feel free to ask questions here or via DM and please pass this along to folks who may be interested!

Fringe, last season finale, spoilers abound 

Honestly, I'm not even sure why I kept watching after the 3rd season or so.
This last season felt a bit like the end of the evangelion anime, like a thing that started as a filler and became somehow a full blown season.
I was suuuure they were going to introduce some idea of a 3rd universe at season 4. omg.
Not good :P

In a lot of shows and movies people have teas and coffee just before they escape somewhere and then there's always someone "it's still warm, they just left".
So, I guess when leaving in a hurry, it's a good idea to wash out any warm mugs just in case? 😝

The government in Barcelona is seizing empty apartments from landlords who won't rent them out

"We have updated our instance rules to include a new rule: "No unsolicited advice to strangers." This is a clarification of our harassment rules in response to common harassment patterns in the network. Please contact the administrators if you have any questions about this change. Thanks!"

For those not on the instance, if you get unsolicited advice from a account, you can (and please do) report it

These changes for processing videos and GIFs are now active for every Mastodon server hosted on

There have been no reported issues and from the backend it all looks good. Also, no peak load monitored on the platform. So, up until now it looks like a good solution.

Again, if you notice any issues with federated GIFs or videos please let me know.

Thanks 🐘

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anyone know of any EU tech companies that need a remote work devops person? i'm getting desperate here.

"Excuse me, I am a time traveler but my machine malfunctioned, so I'm not sure when I am."
"It's 2020."
"Which year of 2020?"
"What do you mean?"
"Ah, so this must be the first year of 2020."
"Oh. Damn."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Hey y'all, a friend of mine who's working in the medical field was wondering if there was any book she could read and recommend to her colleagues to improve the way they care for non-binary people and I have zero idea myself.

Do you have some?

Boosts OK.

Don't remember if I talked about this but a few days after I got back from holidays in March, just before this whole mess started, the seatpost of my main bike broke, quite close to the frame. I ended up not touching it for quite some time, and now it's stuck in the frame and all bike shops around are full and not taking more bikes :blobmeltsob:
I tried heating up the frame, some wd-40, now some oil. I'm starting to think I'm going to lose the frame :blobcatmeltcry:

After some time.. you start playing Jenga with the cat

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O é uma instância moderada com um foco em usuários do Brasil, mas usuários de outros lugares (e outras línguas) são bem vindos. Discursos de ódio são proibidos. Usuários que não respeitem as regras serão silenciados ou suspensos, dependendo da severidade da violação.