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Omg, "nice scroll' is so awful. Wish there was a way to block this browser-side >.<

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Dans mon quartier il y a quelqu'un qui identifie les plantes qui repousse sauvagement dans le bitume et je trouve ça trop beau et poétique 🌱


I have used Google Analytics in the past; but really only to see visitors over time; which is honestly 99% of what you should need. Campaign tracking can be done with inbound links that carry no personal information and still allow you to see which campaign is driving traffic without need of third party tracking.

This is why for the most part I just use server log tools that allow me to see traffic over time. With IPs being anonymised to country the logs contain no PI and the reports are just graphs of visitors by day per page.

Really honestly, lets just bring back hit counters.

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BREAKING: Facebook has been paying hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe clips of audio from users of its services, according to people with knowledge of the work


Hey, folks! My company is looking for someone to come work with test automation, QA and the likes! We're based in Brussels and there's no option for remote, unfortunately!
If it interests you, check it out over here:

pleeeeease stop referring to hypothetical software developers as "he" by default. if you quickly add "or she" afterwards you're still on my shitlist. we have a perfectly serviceable generic singular pronoun, "they" - use it

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kinda fucked up that the earth is dying and it is largely the government and large corporations’ faults and they got us yelling at each other about using straws


Gab instance, TERFs, no caption (will try OCR Bot) 

Aliás, nem falei, mas tô fazendo maracatu há umas semanas com mozi e recomendo demais. ❤️

I had no busted tyres for months and then Saturday I had one. Came back, changed it yesterday and now when I came out of work, busted again.
Hate you murphy 😠
(ok, probably I messed up putting it back yesterday)


My coworker: tells me she takes sewing classes once

Surveillance capitalism that doesn't listen through my microphone at all why would I even think that:


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O é uma instância moderada com um foco em usuários do Brasil, mas usuários de outros lugares (e outras línguas) são bem vindos. Discursos de ódio são proibidos. Usuários que não respeitem as regras serão silenciados ou suspensos, dependendo da severidade da violação.