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Looks like my instance is getting spammed by

I'd suggest blocking and suspending immediately.

Sexual Pred on Masto🚨 

salt re: FaceApp 

RT @PinkScreens

👋 S.A.V.E T.H.E D.A.T.E. 👋
We are super eXcited to present you its new poster for the 18th Pink Screens from 7th to16th of november
Notre monstre au grand coeur 💖

🌈Work of the visual artist Ania Lemin (Design) [] & KidnapYour Designer 💕


We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case):

RT @juuh42dias

Galerinha, quem souber de freela de Ruby, tem como responder no reply ou DM por favorzinho?

Quem não souber, aquele rt até chegar em alguém que saiba ajuda também...


Nevermind I did it myself. It's a bit jerky still but honestly that's not too bad for something I put together in like 20mn lmao

The thing about growing plants yourself is that after a while, every seed is a potential new plant and I want to plant them all! 🌱 💚

List of gab instances 

Thanks to each of you, the fundraising counter for Mobilizon reached 58,689€, which is 8,689€ more than the third milestone! We would like to thank you all warmly for your support for this ambitious project. :-)

PSA? Telegram

Just so you know, the latest version of Telegram for Android has animated stickers and there's no setting to disable them yet. Might be good to hold off updating until they've sorted it out, if you're not good with moving images on a loop.


Since I am too lazy to set up my own SSL and use CloudFlare instead, notifications in Toot! are now down AGAIN, because CloudFlare is down. Joy.

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