We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case): f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/stat

@TT ahahaha P么, se tiver afim de encontrar novos horizontes quebrados em outras l铆nguas minha empresa t谩 catando qa xD

@ChannelSmalls Hey, it can be through here, no problem :)
I think I see your problem in the logs, though, it seems to be because of an ip issue of your instance, you can contact your admin letting them know about this: ipv6-test.com/validate.php?url

RT @juuh42dias

Galerinha, quem souber de freela de Ruby, tem como responder no reply ou DM por favorzinho?

Quem n茫o souber, aquele rt at茅 chegar em algu茅m que saiba ajuda tamb茅m...

馃惁馃敆: twitter.com/juuh42dias/status/

Nevermind I did it myself. It's a bit jerky still but honestly that's not too bad for something I put together in like 20mn lmao

The thing about growing plants yourself is that after a while, every seed is a potential new plant and I want to plant them all! 馃尡 馃挌

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Meta, pleroma hell 

Thanks to each of you, the fundraising counter for Mobilizon reached 58,689鈧, which is 8,689鈧 more than the third milestone! We would like to thank you all warmly for your support for this ambitious project. :-) joinmobilizon.org/en/news#19-0

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O masto.donte.com.br 茅 uma inst芒ncia moderada com um foco em usu谩rios do Brasil, mas usu谩rios de outros lugares (e outras l铆nguas) s茫o bem vindos. Discursos de 贸dio s茫o proibidos. Usu谩rios que n茫o respeitem as regras ser茫o silenciados ou suspensos, dependendo da severidade da viola莽茫o.