Salome and Chrissy all snuggled up together against the cold. #burmeselyf

🇬🇧 Did you know that the crossposter has an experimental CW detection when transforming tweets into toots?

With this feature you can add CW on twitter without using a blanket-cw for every toot. For more information, take a look below:

#ActivityPub is a technical standard for connecting independent sites together to form a single giant network.

Mastodon users can follow people from other Mastodon sites because they all talk to each other through ActivityPub.

But there's more... AP also lets different kinds of sites talk to each other, so people on Mastodon can follow people on PeerTube, Pleroma etc.

AP services in development:

Some (very) technical details:


I wonder how is the co-op mechanic in Pokemon Let's Go. If it's anything like Mario Odyssey it's not really worth it :P

RT I have written a post about Vim—one which tries to answer whether it has still a place in the year 2018 (and helps guide you if you want to try it out).

It’s written for people who don’t necessarily have Vim knowledge but are curious about it.


@TT Força 👊🏽
Eu geralmente consigo, apesar de ficar super grogue por umas horas xD

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@KinseyPink The setup is correct, both of your accounts are logged in and the credentials are right, however it seems there's some issue on Switter side, the crossposter is getting timeouts repeatedly, it's happening for several switter accounts but not for other servers 🤔 I can try to get in touch with the switter support to give them more information about it to see if there's a known issue or something like that

@KinseyPink hey! I will take a look here on my side to see if there's something wrong and let you know :)

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Escolhas de Renato Lond Cerqueira:


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