Hey, peeps, do you have tips of VPS to run a nextcloud instance? From what I've read running nextcloud is quite low in resources, so I think I'm mostly looking for a VPS with cheap storage and good bandwidth.

Looked into scaleway and it seems they don't have very big volumes so it adds up fast. My dream would be similar costs to the 1TB dropbox offers, but I imagine it's not very realistic :P

(boosts for reach appreciated!)


Option 1: Time4VPS Storage Servers. Really cheap and in my experience still reliable, but low-powered (aimed more at being backup storage boxes) so you might need to check Nextcloud performance on them first:

Option 2: Kimsufi (OVH) dedicated servers:
8+ EUR / month. A bit more expensive, more powerful, unlimited traffic, also quite reliable in my experience. I run my (home) Nextcloud on a KS-1 and it works well for me.

@renatolond Just be aware that neither comes with backups included, so if the data you store in your nextcloud isn't duplicated elsewhere anyways you want to add some backup storage somewhere.

@renatolond if you want to keep costs down, make sure you're using object storage instead of block storage. Choosing a provider that has VMs and Object Storage (either OpenStack, or amazon AWS) will be your best bet for stability and latency.

nextcloud/owncloud can have some pretty high memory requirements if actively interact with it or have multiple simultaneous users.

@renatolond @bea file store you may want to avoid scaleway ( network disks and not a lot of room ) ?

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