I was looking at the @crossposter data and I've just saw: since August 30th, it shared 148k toots and 41k tweets.

I'll be honest, when I created the @crossposter my idea was the other way around. A way for people on Mastodon to share content back to Twitter, as a way to invite their friends to come to Mastodon.

This was specially true when twitter still had 140 characters, since most of the toots would be cut and people would have to check the link for the rest.

But that's a bit how tools work, you can't really control how people are going to use them.

I've created the Twitter -> Masto component always having in mind the "sharing from sources that don't share with masto" case. Like from the Switch or other stuff like this.

Now, I know some people get upset about seeing Twitter content over here. And that's why I try to implement features that can make it easier to shield that content.

My idea more long term is to have the @crossposter having enough fine tune to allow admins to say "you can crosspost twitter content here, but only on this and that conditions".

So, if you're an admin and you still think the @crossposter lacks something that would make your admin task easier, talk to me about it :)

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