Well, I've had made an in mastodon.xyz before, but I want this pinned, so:

My name is Renato, but I prefer to be called by Lond. It's a nickname born out of IRC.

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, but I've been living in Brussels for a year and a half now.

I'm a software developer, I have some tattoos, one piercing, some earrings and my hair has been assuming very different colors for the last 3 years-ish.


(pt 2)

I watch a considerable amount of tv shows, I like video games (though I don't play that often anymore) and I try to read books as often as possible.

I'm really interested in urban mobility in general and I'm always riding my bike when possible.

I speak english, portuguese and french, though this last one is still a WIP and it's sometimes hard for me to organize my thoughts in it.

Hey, everyone! I've already done my / a couple of months ago, you can check it in the thread up here ☝

To the ones arriving now, I'd suggest that if you want to find some people from the Twitter over here, you can use this: bridge.joinmastodon.org

Also, feel free to ask stuff if you're confused at first! There's some great articles and threads around about Mastodon and the ones that been here for longer can help you find them :)

/ / /

🇧🇷 Povo novo por aqui, trago dicas :)

Já fiz minhas introduções, estão em inglês aí em cima 👆

Mas venho mais pra trazer algumas dicas pra ajudar quem tá chegando por aqui:

bridge.joinmastodon.org - Pra achar gente do tuinto por aqui. Ajuda gente nova a te achar também!

crossposter.masto.donte.com.br - Pra postar daqui pro tuinto e vice-versa. Acho que ajuda na transição.

Qualquer coisa pode perguntar! Chega mais que a casa é de vocês :)

@renatolond Hi I'm trying to make the cross-poster work, but it's failing. Is it switched on? Can you make it clearer if the configuration page switches on or off?

@iain Well, it's running (I'm seeing some activity on the logs), let me check for your account :)

And yeah, I do need to work a bit on that page to make it clearer. It's quite confusing :T

@iain Yeah, should be posting from mastodon to twitter, last check was just a few seconds ago (and it seems to have checked this toot to me)

@renatolond seja bem-vindo e parabéns por gerenciar uma instancia pra BR :)
BTW, vou conferir o cross-post, vai me ajudar a manter o twitter vivo, haha

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