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Soy is one of the leading drivers of deforestation.

People often think of soy milk, tofu & similar products. But these make up only 4% of soy consumption.

More than three-quarters (77%) of global soy goes to animal feed.

From our work on deforestation:


Image description: A graph from "our world in data". It shows a division of the global soy production and it's split in three main branches: dirct human food with 19.2%, animal feed with 77% and industry with 3.8%. All of those branch further with more details for each of the branches.

@renatolond as an Argentinean, I can confirm this. Huge food corps, usually from US or China, buy (read: steal) the land from desperate farmers or the virgin land as well (not necessarily jungle, but extremely important for the ecosystem). Not only that, they jeopardize the life and culture of native groups living as well.
It's not only a matter of nature's destruction, it's colonialism 3.0

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