It's been some months now since we've became part of our local supermarket, bees coop. We've started around March, and it makes me very happy that we did.

It's very cool because I've had one thing in mind when I started looking for it, an alternative take on grocery shopping, without a big conglomerate behind it, one that tries to respect its workers and the producers, locally sourcing where possible.

But being there, other things started to happen naturally (...)


because we have access to things in bulk, we've started trying to reuse more containers, using fabric bags instead of plastic ones. We've started refilling out bottles of olive oil and regular oil. We've started refilling our hand and shower soap.

I've started paying more attention to stuff I consume that does not come from there, checking why it is not available there and then thinking if there's a way to replace it.

Our use of random plastic containers that came with all grocery stuff(...)

Has decreased a lot. Maybe not yet to zero, but we'll get there.

It's a rewarding experience and if you have the chance, if you have a local co-op supermarket close to you, I recommend you try :)

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One extra point is the community around it. It's a cooperative, which means decisions are taken in general meetings, that happen every three months give or take, with discussions and collective decision taking methods. There are several committees for different subjects at all times.

It (can be) a very social activity, since you get to know people during shifts, and then take part in committees and whatnot :)

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