🇬🇧 Hi, everyone!
It seems the latest pleroma API change broke compatibility with the crossposter. If you are using pleroma, as soon as the API upgrade reaches your instance the crossposter is going to stop working. Sorry about that!

🇧🇷 Oi, gente!
Parece que a última mudança de API do pleroma quebrou a compatibilidade com o crossposter. Se você está usando pleroma, assim que a atualização da API chegar na sua instância o crossposter vai parar de funcionar. Desculpem!

-- @renatolond

⬆ again people thinking strings are integers…

unsolicited opinion 

@DarckCrystale I understand the feeling, but following the API development, it was never a string, only defined as so for json constraints. 🤷🏽‍♂️

unsolicited opinion 

@renatolond and therefore, people should have taken it as a string, because it was already broken once when masto passed in 2.0 *and* because ActivityPub does not specify much constraints about this field.

unsolicited opinion 

@DarckCrystale the way I see it is that exactly because there are no constraints on activitypub side, it's not activitypub related, it's how Mastodon saves its id. Maybe the problem is me being too close to mastodon development, because since it's bigint in mastodon, it would never be string 🤔

Fediverse meta 

@renatolond ok, it wouldn't be a problem if the only big soft in the fediverse ecosystem were Mastodon. But there is other big apps like Peertube, PixelFed and Pleroma. And as Gargron explicitly said that the Mastodon API documentation shouldn't be used as a standard, I suppose that things that aren't even in the documentation (like "it's a string only because json restrictions" which is oral knowledge) shouldn't be used as bases to dev on.


Fediverse meta 

@DarckCrystale I would agree if this were S2S, but the C2S API from mastodon is not generic in any way. I understand other servers using it as a way to get some head start and avoid having no apps to begin with, specially given mastodon's size, but it is no way a standard.
But because of this, making assumptions based on Mastodon in this case are justified, imo. Specially because the landscape was very different when 2.0 got out, 1.5 years ago.

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