Spooky is such a cute kitty :blobcatmelt:

We have a little string we use to play with him and when he finally grabs it, he bites and carries it back to the center of whatever room we are hanging at the moment and looks at us until we grab it to play with him again :blobcat:

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Yesterday was quite warm around here, so spooky was just melted in the sofa, having some of the breeze coming from the fan :blobcatmelt:

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Spooky was not happy with this thing which we decided to call work. Being the Anti-capitalist cat that he is, he decided he was going to protest by blocking the access to my computer :happy_anarcat:
(video and pic by bae)

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Yesterday my set of lenses for the my phone camera arrived and while I was trying it out Spooky got quite interested in what the hell was that attached to my phone. It was a good way to test the new lenses :blobcatcamera:

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Here's Spooky chilling. When the world overwhelms you, do like Spooky and just find a position which you like and take a quick nap :blob_cat_sleeping:

It's been a while I posted any picture from Spooky (and to be fair, we don't even call him that anymore, mostly we call him Mr. Cat), but bae was showing me some pictures of when he arrived and my heart is melting here, so I decided to share with y'all too ❤️

First pic is from beginning of April, second is from end of September.

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It's not caturday (who am I kidding? every day is caturday :patcat: ), but here's a picture of Spooky from yesterday.

He was looking very serious and elegant, I think he was modelling a bit this time :3

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Spooky came to sleep on my lap, and while he was finding a position, I managed to take some headshots of this gorgeous baby ❤️

(his eye is fine, he had an infection when he was a baby and his third eyelid is a bit more out then usual, according to the vet)

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@renatolond iti malia, quanta fofura! :3

Penso um dia em ter um gatinho também, mas por hora minha companhia é a Layla, minha idosa canina que completa o amor aqui em casa.

@brenno Eu sou mais de gato, mas eu tinha uma cachorra quando ainda morava com a minha mãe que era uma idosa super fofa também ❤️

Minha mãe tem um vira-lata gigante que é uma coisa super fofa ahaaha <3

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