🇬🇧 Hey, y'all. Guess what?
Twitter blocked writing once again. This time I'm pretty sure we're not posting mentions, so I don't know what's the issue.

🇧🇷 Oi, povo. Adivinha?
O twitter bloqueou a escrita mais uma vez. Essa vez eu tenho certeza que o crossposter não está postando mentions, então não sei qual é o galho.

-- @renatolond

@crossposter @renatolond Is the problem part of the Aug 16 API deadline given to Apps of a Feather?
I've been flabbergasted, though, by the range of problems followers around the world are reporting this week. Across devices, and not account-based.
I have a feeling the SS Twitanic has already hit the iceberg and it's slowly sinking.


@OutOnTheMoors I don't think so, I think they have been tightening their bot controls (a lot of bot makers are complaining this last few days) and the @crossposter is being caught by whatever algorithm they set up for that.
I still think this is related to the @ issue they complained about the last time, because mastodon links do contain @, so if I were to guess, that's being flagged as a mention. 🙃

@renatolond @crossposter
Nothing to do with the crossposter, but here's an example of the weirdness. Not the tweet itself, the "null retweeted" - turns out to be a 2.5k US-based account I follow.
Size and politics? Nope. After a couple that work perfectly, another "null" - this time an 80k verified follower in Australia.

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