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And finally, the graphic imagery of is lovely, with its Odin's Raven holding the key to knowledge.

And we should never underestimate the power of cool. ;)

Elbakyan is refreshingly forwards in her political stance:

«I have always supported » and «The communism of the ethos is incompatible with the definition of as ‘private property’ in a capitalistic economy».

Sci-Hub is the child of Aleksandra Elbakyan, a hacker from Kazakhstan who basically beieves that any restriction to acessing scientific knowledge is a crime against humanity.

There's a nice recap on her story here:


I am sure everyone around here knows, but just in case: Sci-Hub is a portal to retrieve, for free, scientific papers locked behind paywalls. You just have to paste the exact reference to the paper at sci-hub.tw/ and receive the PDF.

@davidrevoy é um ilustrador a trabalhar 100% com software livre desde há mais de 10 anos. Não percas o seu webcomic «Pepper and Carrot»: peppercarrot.com/

Diniz Cabreira compartilhou

I'm sure many may have suggested this already, but just in case — have you considered setting up a pledge in some crowdfunding platform?
Or, if you output content regularly and are good with keeping people interested, perhaps a Patreon?

@bekopharm :D
I've signed for an OpenBook invitation too. Let's see if I gent a reply soon and can join you there.

T-shirts for the new students!

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Ok, so the other day at we set the steel swords aside and played a bit with some foam noodles. It was great fun!

@abacaxi Mas não existe um protocolo para partilhar emojis entre instâncias, não?

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