TIL: Wales is so very backwater that they don’t seem to know about #LARP (or #HEMA or #SCA or Boffer Wars or…). Some dude wearing obvious fantasy gear and a clear as daylight _FOAM_ stick gets jumped at gunpoint by police:
Hint: It’s not even a “fake sword” or a trainer (waster). It’s a _toy_.
I can relate btw. We did “train” with our toys in the park a decade ago already and police was curious but polite.
Later even with blunt steel.
They never… beko.famkos.net/t/Uza


@bekopharm Also, reading the news piece it seems police showed up because «families» warned them. This is understandable — they are obligated to do so, even if they don't think there's any real risk.

Back when we trained in parks, I once wanted to gauge the degree to which police would object to our activity by actually solo drilling in a park in front of the police station. Several agents just watched for a while from the door.

@bekopharm Eventually one approached frontally, the other two from the sides, all with hands on their holsters, and asked. I showed them my club's card and the fencing mask and blunt sword). They said they already had figured out it was some kind of martial art, but that someone had warned them about «a guy with a sword», so they had to investigate.

They just wrote down a report and let me go on training, adivising that if I choose a more secluded spot, I'm less likely to be interrupted.

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