TIL: Wales is so very backwater that they don’t seem to know about #LARP (or #HEMA or #SCA or Boffer Wars or…). Some dude wearing obvious fantasy gear and a clear as daylight _FOAM_ stick gets jumped at gunpoint by police:
Hint: It’s not even a “fake sword” or a trainer (waster). It’s a _toy_.
I can relate btw. We did “train” with our toys in the park a decade ago already and police was curious but polite.
Later even with blunt steel.
They never… beko.famkos.net/t/Uza


We used to train in parks without any problems a lot of years ago, back when we were starting up. Police never gave us any hassle.

These days we are resuming our training in open spaces, but being more bureaucracy-savy, I opted to ask for a permit to use the park from the city hall, which they gladly conceded without much trouble. It's always better, because that way you have something to show to the police if it does show up.

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