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What is HEMA?

So I'm into Historical European , . What is this?

In essence: martial arts that were once in use, but no more. Practice was lost — there's no living Mr. Miyagi to learn from.

These artes had their masters, however, and some of them wrote books. From these old texts we can reconstruct the practice:

While I focus on arts from the european area, be aware that similar initiatives exist for martial arts of Africa, Asia or America.

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Ok, so all the cool people are doing the thing, so:

I'm Diniz from (that's north of and west of ).

I studied & but dropped off to pursue a career in , which I have been doing since. If you are curious, here's a portfolio:

In my spare time I teach (that's ) at «Arte do Combate»:

I also co-publish books at .

A arrumar as contas de redes sociais e serviços de comunicação que fui juntando ao longo dos anos.
São... não poucas. 😆
Alguma sugestão de meta-serviço onde centralizar a informação pessoal para outra gente poder consultar? Tipo diretório?

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So... i've setup a PeerTube account for . It's mostly an experiment and it mirrors the YouTube one, but I want to see how well it behaves and how it holds.

Feel free to follow it!

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And finally, the graphic imagery of is lovely, with its Odin's Raven holding the key to knowledge.

And we should never underestimate the power of cool. ;)

Elbakyan is refreshingly forwards in her political stance:

«I have always supported » and «The communism of the ethos is incompatible with the definition of as ‘private property’ in a capitalistic economy».

Sci-Hub is the child of Aleksandra Elbakyan, a hacker from Kazakhstan who basically beieves that any restriction to acessing scientific knowledge is a crime against humanity.

There's a nice recap on her story here:

I am sure everyone around here knows, but just in case: Sci-Hub is a portal to retrieve, for free, scientific papers locked behind paywalls. You just have to paste the exact reference to the paper at and receive the PDF.

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T-shirts for the new students!

And if you also want to dress in sleek Arte do Combate fashion, all you have to do is visit our on-line shop:

Ok, so the other day at we set the steel swords aside and played a bit with some foam noodles. It was great fun!

Did you know?
...that the Federation ( has it's own non-profit publishing house, ?
...that we are the main publisher of in the world?
...that several of these treatises were previously unknown, and were actually discovered by our fellows at in their research?
...that we ship worldwide, and that although many are in and , some are translated into ?

Now you do!

Traditional in O , . Stone round houses with straw roofs have been in use since , pre-roman times.

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a friend of mine who spends a LOT of his time picking up plastic waste from parks, rivers, streets, etc. had a good idea. He decided to photograph the non biodegradable waste and tag companies on social media with it. So if he finds a plastic Subway cup, he tells Subway about it with the message "is this yours?" I dig this because it's not something that blames the consumer. It puts the blame where it belongs: on the producer.

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hives in the mountains of were traditionally kept inside small, round, doorless fortifications to protect them from 🐻.

Nowadays there are few and so doors have been made to these round walls of stone, which are often in a partial state of ruin.

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