#Funkwhale 0.19 is out, with updatable artist, album and track pages, more resilient and usable file upload, OAuth2 support, a brand new admin UI for your instance library, S3 storage support, and dozens of other bugfixes and improvements!

The full changelog is available here: docs.funkwhale.audio/changelog

Many thanks to all contributors to this release ❤️

Also, you may want to check out our #blog for insights about this release and future ones!


By the way, I'd like to apologize toward our translators for Norwegian, Portuguese (Brasil), Nederlands and Basque, because some of your work was lost because of a misconfiguration.

I've disabled automatic adding of new languages on our weblate instance to prevent this from happening again, and I've reconciled as much content as possible, but 10 to 30% of translations for those languages were lost.

I'm really sorry :s

cc @danielemereb


@funkwhale Oh, I saw and cried, but now I already translated everything and fixed some things! I'll review everything later! XD

@danielemereb basically, 4 languages that were added via weblate were not referenced in the code, so modifications to the source were not broascasted to this language.

Because of that, lots of string you were translating were actually outdated, and you weren't shown new strings.

I have to double check the situation for other components, but there is considerably less movement, so I expect little to know trouble there.

Thank you so much for your hard work ❤

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