Hey, folks!
I've done a fairly large dependency upgrade on the crossposter. No feature change, but if you see something weird, don't hesitate to ping me.
If you have admin an instance, don't forget to check the CHANGELOG to see what you need to do for upgrading :)

-- @renatolond

@RinonNinqueon @crossposter Hey :)
Your server has an ipv6 but it doesn't answer:
You need to get in touch with your admin for them to fix that, that's why the crossposter can't connect.

@drq @RinonNinqueon Hm, haven't heard of it, but the @crossposter is ipv6-first, so if your server has a listed ipv6 record, that's the one it will try to go for. I can't see any specific instructions on their project page on how to interact with the regular ipv6 network, so nothing I can do at the moment.

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