Hey, folks!
If you use the crossposter in the twitter -> mastodon direction, what do you crosspost the most? Do you use for crossposting everything, or mostly for stuff that does not have a mastodon app (Switch screenshots and similar stuff)?

@crossposter I just tweet from my phone or from the Twitter web UI, and I crosspost everything - plain text, text and photos with image descriptions, and polls. (When the polls get to Mastodon I have to delete and redraft to add the poll options.)

@renatolond @crossposter No, it's because the Mastodon character limit is higher, so when it crossposts in the other direction it can be a bit messy!

@cassolotl If there was an option to cut big toots into several tweets, do you think it would change how you use it?

@renatolond @crossposter I think it would depend on how clever it was at splitting the toot, but I think probably it wouldn't change my habits really? I don't see any advantage to posting Mastodon --> Twitter. 🤔

@crossposter I crosspost everything; I don't tend to use any tweeting function within other apps as you describe so I can't really say if I'd use that feature

@crossposter I use the crossposter in the twitter to mastodon direction only for retweets and switch screenshots. Original posts are always created in mastodon

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