Hey, y'all!
Made some changes so that domains blocked in the configuration of the crossposter also block sub-domains! Also blocked by default gab and kiwifarms known-addresses.

Besides, two new languages were added on our weblate: Indonesian and Chinese (Traditional), thanks to ditokp and Jeff Huang!

@crossposter @pinkprius
May I ask why?
if gab use your crossposters and said something that will broke twitter rules their account get suspended or ban..
This won't effect your website right??

@x @crossposter maybe they don't want people who use the gab website to use their crossposting service, that would be the obvious guess.

@x The reason, as @pinkprius suggested, is that I don't want them using the service. Not really about Twitter rules, since Twitter doesn't seem to take any action against them.

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