🇬🇧 Hey, y'all! I'm doing a long overdue upgrade in some crossposter dependencies. If you notice the crossposter acting weird, please ping me ASAP! :)

🇧🇷 Oi, povo! Eu tô fazendo um upgrade que já devia feito há tempos em algumas das dependências do crossposter. Se você notar o crossposter fazendo algo estranho, me avisa o mais rápido possível :)

-- @renatolond

@crossposter @renatolond Thank you for getting back to me! The cross poster for me at least chooses when to work. Some days my tweets never get cross posted. Some days all my tweets appear in the space of several days on my switter profile!

@DeityKuro @crossposter hmm, I'm going to try to get in touch with Switter again to see if I can figure out, as far as I can see, some images and videos get stuck trying to crossposter over there, I still don't know why 🤔

@DeityKuro I did some investigation on my side and got in touch with @AssemblyFour through email. In the meantime, I'm trying to get lower quality videos for switter to see if it reduces the issues. Let me know if you notice any changes :)

@crossposter @renatolond I have noticed that some Twitter-to-Mastodon crossposting isn't working the same as before, like: should have a picture attached. Here's the original:

And there was a quote-tweet that didn't crosspost in full but I deleted it instead of reposting. :/

@cassolotl @crossposter I saw it earlier and I was puzzled by it too, I'll try to check when I have some time! I'll let you know, thanks for letting me know ;)

@renatolond @crossposter It might be a problem, because I just tried delete-and-repost to add a picture and got a 500 error?

@cassolotl @crossposter hmm, could be, the crossposter retries a couple of times to upload images and if it fails it keeps a link to the original picture

@renatolond @crossposter I thought it might be something like that. A link is better than nothing, definitely. :)

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