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The #Twitter to #Mastodon cross poster @crossposter is great. However, the Mastodon followers frequently think a toot was written by me when it is in fact a crossposted retweet. 😔

@crossposter @renatolond

Hello/oi! Beleza? Great job. Question: Would it be difficult to make a browser (perhaps based on Chromium)/app that could fetch all posts from a particular user,a nd display it on a web page or in a browser? My thinking is that people who are banned from Twitter should be able to follow anybody that's on Twitter, without needin an account. Alternative comments can be placed on a "layer" over the Tweets. What do you think?

@sjur Hey, in theory I think you're already able to open Twitter and see public posts even without being logged in. Private posts are private, so no app can go through that one without doing some nasty stuff.


@renatolond @crossposter The thing is that Twitter shouldnt't be able to keep someone out from reading. Separate commenting from posting and reading. Offer communities of comments, like, and let people choose where they want to comment on what they find on Twitter. Cheers!

@renatolond @crossposter I live in SP, and am looking to find some money to develop this thing. An alternative to Twitter, where one gets Tweets either through RSS or in other way, then offer a layer over that were people may comment. We will see commentary brands, where people on Twitter may comement on another brand's commenting platform.

@sjur Never heard of dissenter, but sounds like a bad idea. Who moderates those comments? What avoids hate-speech to be spewed over a website without the owner ever knowing?

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