re: pixelfed update 

Hey, @dansup,

Considering how you liked my post, would you be willing to follow up your original statement clarifying that your view changed, rather than the current wording? It'd be a lot more transparent that way, and that's one of the things you said you'd work on.

re: pixelfed update 

@lightdark Yes, pretending to be neutral and not let my personal beliefs influence the project was naive. I will not tolerate any abuse, and not speaking out against it is just as dangerous as spreading it.

I don't blame people who deleted their pixelfed accounts, and I appreciate everyone who called me out. The fediverse does not need nazis, racists or bigots and as a developer I have a responsibility to stand up and make it clear they have no place in pixelfed.


re: pixelfed update 

@dansup @lightdark thanks for this!

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