I love the perfect timing when you get off the train, order a ride on an app, and as soon as you walk out of the station l it pulls up. It's so smooth and lovely.

I bought Ethereum again.. hopefully this time my exchange doesn't go bust @binance

Gosto Acai compartilhou

Sweden is doing to the USA (A$ap) what the USA (and Canada) are doing to China (Meng)

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Fun fact about the license under which the Mastodon source code is published (AGPL) is that it requires any modifications to it to be published.

No secret sauce, no proprietary features possible. Which is why commercial companies hate this license.

Want to paywall "pro" features? You can, but anyone can take your code and run it on a different server for free.

Anyway, that's quite an interesting financial choice for Gab, a for-profit entity that sells "pro" features

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I started working on a :pixelfed: mobile app.

The code name is Lens and I look forward to releasing the beta this summer! #pixelfed #lens

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We got to talking about the hacking and death threats.

I'm really good at reading between the lines.

I have private servers. Therefore I can give the logs to whomever I want.

The hacking and death threats stopped.

Isn't that interesting?

I learned a lot about locating hackers no matter where they are.

i think Theresa May was the most selfish PM in UK history. She literally held on and damaged the UK's economy and reputation so she could be the second shortest PM instead of the shortest.

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We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.

Or, if you want to see commits (keep in mind there's lots of duplication here as changes to commits are also recorded.)

Probably the best reason why you should use LibreOffice or OnlyOffice and not Apache OpenOffice..

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There's no way Theresa May will be PM at the end of this week.

New equitable systems have to be planned in advance to ensure equity is embedded into the system. The free market is a force of competition, it will seek to exploit flaws for power. If the new systems aren't sustainable then we will revert back to exploitation

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Does anyone know about any working #mobile client for #pixelfed? Or maybe just an app in early development phase?

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Okay, I'm trying out pixelfed (not under this handle, you don't get to associate this with my face) and I love it buuuuut, the usual question, what is its mobile functionality

Gosto Acai compartilhou

hit me when there's a pixelfed mobile app so i can resurrect my account

Nova.fr is doing a whole radio show on different versions of the batman theme song, including remixes. They're playing a Snoop Dogg one right now...

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