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We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.

Or, if you want to see commits (keep in mind there's lots of duplication here as changes to commits are also recorded.)

Probably the best reason why you should use LibreOffice or OnlyOffice and not Apache OpenOffice..

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@DashEquals So nobody could said that I sold out for this feature

There's no way Theresa May will be PM at the end of this week.

New equitable systems have to be planned in advance to ensure equity is embedded into the system. The free market is a force of competition, it will seek to exploit flaws for power. If the new systems aren't sustainable then we will revert back to exploitation

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Does anyone know about any working #mobile client for #pixelfed? Or maybe just an app in early development phase?

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Okay, I'm trying out pixelfed (not under this handle, you don't get to associate this with my face) and I love it buuuuut, the usual question, what is its mobile functionality

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hit me when there's a pixelfed mobile app so i can resurrect my account

Nova.fr is doing a whole radio show on different versions of the batman theme song, including remixes. They're playing a Snoop Dogg one right now...

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hey guys it's my birthday can i get some boosts??? pretty please? cmon you gotta gimme them if i use the magic word

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TRUE or FALSE? In her entire time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton never used her official .gov email.

Answer : TRUE.

When she served as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton used only her personal email account to conduct government business, despite being issued with a government email account.

Oh, another thing. None of her emails were preserved on government servers, either, which is illegal.

'Nothing to see here'

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We wish happy holidays to all Debian contributors, Open Source enthusiasts and to the rest of the world. Have a few relaxing days.

RIP Super Dave (Bob Einstein). He made so many kids laugh.

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the best story of the year snuck in at the end 🐺

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@rice Just move to Shenzhen then.

Every company there basically just gave up trying to patent or control their designs. Because it's so massive and messy, and also in China, any designs they make just get stolen by someone else way faster than they could try to protect it.

Thus the majority of innovation there is made by people stealing designs back and forth, adding their own slight improvements every time.

It's almost like it accidentally became an "Open" source hardware development city.
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