@Cochise e botando currículo no linkedin, fazendo reunião no teams ou skype, etc

@gustavom And Eclipse instead of VS Code. And Java, instead of typescript...

@Cochise or any other language instead of typescript

Although I feel like the language is fine, even if it is made by Microsoft

@Cochise @gustavom gitlab/gitea and emacs with Rust or PHP. Plain JS or Node is good too.

Eclipse is good but gets more confused. If feel it is too boated. Emacs is a bit bloated too but magnitudes lighter when compared to eclipse. Gedit is good too, or Kate for Qt people.

My idea is not to depend on a single organization, then a single country. For example, the problem at hand which is avoid all Microsoft. Then we should avoid all USA or all France.

@Cochise Oooor… write Python/C/Haskell/whatev in [neo]vim and host your code on @gitea LIKE A BAWS. 😎

@Cochise @dragnucs That's why we need #gitea so much. :-) And please, help them to implement #ActivityPub!
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