I implemented multiple new features in Tokodon this weekend!

1. We now have rudimentary support for cards. So now you can get some information about the link before clicking on them.

2. Desktop notification should now work. This can be configured in the plasma notifications settings.

3. The last feature, I did today was the notification view. It allows you to look at your past notifications and you can also filter to only show mentions. The backend currently supports a few more options that still need to be exposed to the frontend (e.g. more filtering options).

@carlschwan I get a coredump for some reason when I try to run the latest built commit. I may need to clear my $HOME config and start again


@carlschwan @brunomiguel I had the same problem, and deleting the config solved it.
In the process, I learned that Kirigami's configs are stored as ~/.config/KDE/tokodon.conf and not as ~/.config/tokodon.conf, like QWidgts applications.

@Cochise @brunomiguel Actually this has nothing to do with QtQuick vs QtWidget but more about QSettings vs KConfig. I'm still using QSettings in Tokodon, and I need to migrate at some point to the more powerful and integrated KConfig.

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